Monday, February 14

Wednesday, June 30

Fresh Bartlett Pears Order

Big Mac the Pear Guy is bringing us pears again from LDS Medford Pear orchard. There is another good sweet crop this year. The pears will be delivered within 24-48 hours of picking and can then be refrigerated or ripened.

Pears come in 42 lb boxes at $19 per box, about 45¢ per lb.

(or July 17th if ordering through the ward)

Make checks out to & send to Christy G. (Rebecca W. if through the ward)

1415 SE 52nd Ave, Hillsboro 97123

Questions, contact Rebecca W.

Delivery dates will be sometime during the last 2 weeks of August and the 1st week in September. Anyone is welcome to order, send this to your neighbors & friends. Pears will be delivered to my house- Christy Going 1415 SE 52nd Ave, Hillsboro 97123. From Brookwood Ave between Baseline and TV Hwy, turn on Golden Rd, the 2nd left is 52nd Ave. We should have a week’s notice for delivery.

By ordering pears you are responsible for reading your email and keeping informed of the date for pick up and any changes that may occur. If you are not able to pick up your pears you must find someone else to pick them up for you. The pears won’t last long in a hot garage.

Friday, April 30


Drink Water for Life:
Your journey to better health!

Presenter: Deanna Delong (Beaverton Stake)

Who: Hedges Creek and Meridian Park Wards
When: Wednesday, May 12th
Where: TuSC, Relief Society Room
Time: 7:00 PM

Deanna Delong is an educator, lecturer, and author of a best-seller. She has appeared on numerous television programs, including Oprah. Her latest book, Drink Water for Life, presents detailed information about how an increase in drinking water can improve your health.

Wednesday, April 28

Car Care Kit

Here's another person's version of a Car Kit. Please look over this post and the one before it and decide what you should have on hand for a car emergency.

Bag of sand
Change of clothes for each family member
De-icer (road)
Extra batteries
Flashlight and batteries
Jumper cable
Note pad/pencil
Red triangle flat to go on antenna
Safety flares
Space emergency blankets, 1 per family member
Tow rope/tow strap
Transistor radio and batteries
Walking shoes and socks for each family member
Windshield ice scraper
Winter hat, coat, gloves for each family member

24 Hour (Car) Survival Kit

If you travel by car (we all do!), you should carry the basic essentials of life with you. A simple kit can help solve many of the problems a person might encounter if caught in an emergency situation. With a little ingenuity and just a few dolloars, you can make your own kit.

STORAGE - Any small storage container wil do, such as a #10 can with lid, small backpack, or plastic container. This will be used to carry most of teh following items:

CANDLE - Any candle will do, be creative--ie. old christmas candle, plumbers candle, etc. These will help kindle a fire or heat water.

BUTANE LIGHTER - Any small butane lighter will work great to light fires.

MATCHES - A penny box of strike matches - coat with wax or nail polish to water proof.

GARBAGE BAGS - One thirty gallon size bag. Use to pull over legs and tuck into pockets to protect from wind and water. Can also be used for shade in the summer.

TAPE - It has multiple uses. It can be used to: patch clothing, make an emergency bandage, secure top of garbage bag to protect from the elements, etc.

FOOD - Hard tack candy will give instant energy needed to move muscles. Bouillon and sugar cubes also provide instant energy. Granola bars and fruit leather are good energy providers. Wrap in plastic. Also include 1-2 water pouches.

WHISTLE - Use to let searches know where you are.

PENCIL & PAPER - use for writing messages to searches, thought you have, things you need to remember, etc.

COMPASS - Use to determine direction of travel.

MONEY - Include a few dollars and several coins.

The above survival kit should help you to sustain life in an emergency situation. Remember to keep it small and inexpenseive. You should be able to find lal of these items in and around your home.

***Some other additional items for the trunk, if desired: blanket, First Aid kit, knife, small mirror, flash light, extra walking shoes and socks.***

(Source: Thanks to one of the Spokane wards, WA, Relief Society)

Monday, April 5

A Letter from the Portland Mayor!

Dear Colleagues,

April is National Earthquake Preparedness Month, and in Portland, earthquakes are a constant and significant concern. The City of Portland, in close collaboration with partners in the region, state and federally, is always looking to be better prepared for such an event. Individuals, families, offices and places of business need to be prepared and know about the tools available to them in case of an earthquake or other emergency.

This morning, Portland's Office of Emergency Management (PoEM) unveiled a new feature of the city's coordinated information website,, designed to rapidly get information out to residents in times of emergency.

You can now go to, click on the Sign Up button, and register to get voicemail, email and text messages sent directly to your mobile phone in times of emergency. The information you provide is protected and confidential. It takes only a minute to sign up, so please register yourself, and tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about it.

I especially encourage City of Portland employees to sign up so as to stay up-to-the-minute on what we're communicating out to the general public. We will also look to this new tool as a way to communicate with city employees in times of emergency. In the coming months, we will continue to add features and abilities to the site,

In the meantime, please take a moment to go online, visit, and sign yourself up. Thank you.


Sam Adams

Mayor, City of Portland